Pre-study Interviews will determine your lesson plan. Beginner to Intermediate level students: In the first three lessons, we will assess personal goals, bad habits, posture, concentration, stamina, and engage notated patterns used by the drum-set in most common genres of Western music. In subsequent lessons, you will be tutored to construct a suitable repertoire from short songs. Selections are based on ability and experience. We will learn to accompany the tracks - keeping in sync with audio of course - and expand upon the themes with appropriate embellishments. You will advance your ability to identify written exercises for drums and use them to compose material that can be communicated and shared with others.
Advanced students will examine the history of the drum-set and exhaust the vocabulary from 1922- 2022, focusing on Jazz in North America, Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. Afro Cuban in the Caribbean, South America, and West Africa. West African Traditional/Pop, and North American Provincial/Pop