In Gratitude - Moments with old and new friends

Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Wangaratta, Wellington,October 2022

My pilgrimage was an immersion of timeless and smarting embrace. 

Edges of my heart still replenished from the sway.

American drummer Pheeroan akLaff led a fearless quintet through a dynamic and dramatically intense set, with vocalist Sunny Kim adding precise, vibrato-laden vocals that lent the concert a ritualistic feel. Clearly guided by intuition, akLaff responded to his virtuosic bandmates (Kim, Mike Nock, Peter Farrar and Helen Svoboda) with a maelstrom of visceral thrusts and thunderous rolls, riding the kinetic currents with evident glee.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival  October 14 – 16

After two years of cancelled or severely curtailed programs, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival burst into life over the weekend with an impressively diverse array of events in sold-out venues.

Pheeroan akLaff at Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Pheeroan akLaff at Melbourne International Jazz Festival.CREDIT:DUNCOGRAPHIC