Pheeroan and Aska - Hana Dharma:

Hana Dharma is a project that Pheeroan and Aska have developed from performing together for over ten years. Aska has always led a compelling string ensemble. Pheeroan has always used a dynamic sensitivity to orchestrate his percussion.  In this work they have expanded their co-composing and improvising with a new triptych by Miho Hazama, to establish a vast creative terrain. After a brief live performance in May of 2018 and some studio time, all other activity was paused due to the pandemic. In 2023 they will be available for concerts.

Pheeroan and Aska - Hana Dharma - Etudes and Meditations for Percussion and Strings


Strings: Tomoko Akaboshi violin- Yuko Asio violin - Atsuki Yoshida violin Keiko Shiga viola - Tai Tomoki cello, Toshiki Nagata bass violin. 

Soloists: Aska Maret -violin, electric violin, Toshiki Nagata - bass violin. Scott Robinson - Sarrusophone, bass clarinet,  Pheeroan akLaff  - percussion



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