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The Willisau Concert
  • The Willisau Concert
  • The Willisau Concert
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Pheeroan akLaff Quartet featuring John Stubblefield at the Willisau International Music Festival Mark Helias, bass, Ed Cherry, guitar. Cover Art by Knox Troxler Available here and at CD Baby

1 - King of Harts - J. Stubblefield 2 - Almost Fall - E. Cherry 3 - Serious - P. akLaff 4 - Poetry Leg Room - P. akLaff 5 - Hikalu Express - P. akLaff 6 - Skin - M. Helias

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Global Mantras
  • Global Mantras
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A variety of World Music compositions, improvisation.

Pheeroan akLaff - Drums and Compositions
Oliver Lake - Alto Saxophone
Scott Robinson -Tenor, Bass Saxophones
Baikida Carroll - Trumpet
Josh Roseman - Trombone
Michael Cain - Piano
Jerome Harris - Guitar
Hilliard Green - Acoustic Bass
Juan Sebastian Montsalve - Electric Bass
Paul Steven Ray - Piccolo Electric Bass
Michael Rogers - Voice
Recorded by John Rosenberg

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Pheeroan akLaff

A burning quintet featuring the late Sonny Shamrock and John Stubblefield, a young Kenny Davis and a favorite phantom Carlos Ward. This CD is one of two strong creative expressions for the small label that also showcased Thomas Chapin

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